So Joe Lieberman signed


So Joe Lieberman signed the senate Democrats’ letter insisting that phase-out (i.e., private accounts funded with Social Security dollars) has to be taken off the table once and for all before there can be any serious discussion of legislation to strengthen and extend the solvency of Social Security.

Good for them.

And really how could it be otherwise? It is no more complicated than saying that the option of euthanizing the patient has to be ruled out before there can be any real discussion of how to cure him.

And good for Joe.

With someone like Lieberman who’s been out of the Faction, in the Faction, out and then back in again, I think it’s too early to strike him from the rolls entirely. But you certainly can’t be the Dean of the Faction if you’re going to show signs like this of standing tall and doing the right thing. And certainly you can’t be Dean when Sen. Kent “the Kernel” Conrad is way outdoing you in terms of Faintheartedness.

So Lieberman gives up the Deanship but for the moment at least remains in the Faction.