Symmetry to the day


Symmetry to the day: start with hair parts, end with other parts. A reader sends along this, which suggests that left-right dichotomies are possibly more significant than one might imagine just from watching Crossfire.

I’ve been posting from Austin, Texas, site of the South by Southwest Festival (if you’re in town, come by the Saxon Pub Friday night at 8, all will be explained), but I did catch some of this afternoon’s baseball hearing. Two thoughts: if Congresspeople used their allotted time for questions to ACTUALLY ASK QUESTIONS, more information just might be elicited. And, secondly, if baseball didn’t specifically intend to piss people off, both about MLB and lawyers in general, they sure miscalculated with the selection of Bob Manfred as the mouthpiece-in-chief. I know baseball has earned a reputation for having the dumbest owners in pro sports, but didn’t any of them, upon seeing Manfred’s pre-hearing presentation, shout in dismay, “Oh, Christ, he’s gonna make ’em hate our guts!”?

For those who’ve been jonesing, Social Security tomorrow.