Theres an interesting article


There’s an interesting article today in the Post which fronts the president’s new threat that Democrats “will suffer political consequences if they continue to oppose his proposal without providing one of their own.”

You’ll notice that the article is datelined Albuquerque, where the president just held his most recent Bamboozlepalooza event.

What caught my attention is that while the Post piece made such prominent mention of the president’s ‘threat’, it neglected to mention the name Heather Wilson, who has been obstinately refusing to take any position on Social Security for months.

Wilson, the representative from Albuequerque and the clear target of the president’s visit, was afraid to be seen at the president’s event today.

Through a spokesman, she begged off with a claim that she was “on a long-planned trip with her husband and two children.” But in the context of her earlier flimflammery on this issue, that’s simply not credible.

Bottom-line: While President Bush is seeding the media with bogus threats, his own Republicans are afraid to appear in public with him on his Social Security tours. Most press reports either don’t mention that or, like CNN, they accept Wilson’s bogus denials at face value.