One thing I always


One thing I always say is that Washington needs more bipartisan cooperation. And since David Keene, Chairman of the American Conservative Union, seems to be the head conservative leading up the effort to defend Tom DeLay and keep him in place as House Majority Leader, it occurred to me that I should reach out to him and see if we can form a coalition, bringing together Republicans and Democrats of goodwill, who want to keep Tom DeLay where he is as head of the House Republican caucus, doing what he does best.

Some groups and leaders in the Democratic neck of the woods might not want to join our coalition publicly, sort of like all those brokerage houses that fund the Social Security phase-out front groups. But behind the scenes I have no doubt we can enlist many of them in our joint effort. And they’ll be quite active in support.

David, what say you?

Late Update: We can call it the CDI: The Coalition to DeLay the Inevitable.