While dingbats throw brickbats


While dingbats throw brickbats, Mike Allen continues his reporting on the Martinez-Schiavo memo in the senate.

If I understand this right, the new line of thinking is that there is no reason to believe this talking points memo (which is, after all, written to be distributed) was distributed to other Republicans. And it was, in fact, only distributed, inadvertantly, to Sen. Tom Harkin (D) of Iowa. (Who knew Occam’s Razor could get so dull?) The reasoning behind this uncanny logic is that Harkin is the only one to have come forward and said, on the record, that he received a copy.

Why only Harkin would come forward and no Republican senators or staffers remains a mystery, it would seem.

So the Allen-eaters are confident that this memo wasn’t distributed to Republicans. But Sen. Martinez’s office isn’t so sure. They’re doing an internal investigation.

And one unnamed Martinez aide tells Allen that Darling (the memo-ist) “may have disseminated [the memo] to other offices.”

But then, I guess, we have only Allen’s word that this unnamed “aide” is really an employee of Sen. Martinez, don’t we?