Sen. Chafee R of


Sen. Chafee (R) of Rhode Island tells the Projo he’s voting to confirm John Bolton unless some bombshell at the hearings convinces him not to.

(I guess that means he’s voting for him unless he decides not to?)

Does Chafee want to hear what Carl Ford (former Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research while Bolton was at State) has to say?

We hear Ford is quite willing to tell the committee what he knows about Bolton’s track record of intel monkey business while Bolton was Under Secretary, Arms Control and International Security. As head of State’s intel shop in the president’s term, Ford should know.

But will Ford get the call? If Chafee really wants to find a way to vote against Bolton, he’ll certainly make sure Ford gets called to testify. If he’s dead-set on carrying the president’s water, he’ll do the opposite.