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Reader mail …


Being born and living my whole life in Connecticut I have to say I am damn proud of Chris Shays. I am liberal, from the 1st district and Chris isn’t my Rep. But he is the only northeastern moderate republican to have the backbone (or at least nothing else to lose) to step up and take on DeLay.

Our former Governor John Rowland has started to serve his sentence for corruption at a Federal prison in western Pennsylvania. I look at Tom DeLay and feel his transgressions were far worse then Rowland’s. But Tom DeLay is neither under indictment, or in jail, and the GOP is rushing to his defense to keep him in power. The GOP seized control of the Congress in the mid 1990’s. Their vow was to “clean up Washington”. Fast forward 10 years and we have the majority leader misusing the FAA, he is knee deep in the Indian casino shakedown, his PAC has made 6 figure payments to family members, and threatening federal judges, just for starters. He is far more corrupt then any of the democrats who were in power in the mid 90’s. In a sense I hope “The Hammer” stays in power. There will be more scrutiny on DeLay and the people who support him in Congress. And it will become apparent that he and his fellow republicans are far more corrupt and dirty then the democrats ever were. He will single handedly give the democrats the house back in 2006. Right now he represents the best tool the democrats have at their disposal…

Chris Shays is right about DeLay and I have pride that he is a politician from my state, but I hope he is unsuccessful in getting DeLay out…at least until the democrats, hopefully, fully exploit his malfeasance.


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