By George I think


By George, I think we’ve got it!

As we’ve been telling you, we needed get past a minimum of a thousand contributors for our TPMCafe Fundraiser, which ends tonight at midnight tonight and you came through. We not only got past 1000, as of this morning we’re at 1272 contributors. And that means we’ve now awarded six brand-new and official TPM Privatize This! T-Shirts to contributors #1000 (John Fredland), #1050 (Ralph Lemley), #1100 (TPM Reader FJ), #1150 (Anon.), #1200 (Alex Navarro) and #1250 (Peter Swarth).

We’ve got just a little more than twelve hours to go, so we really need those last-minute contributions. So please keep them coming. Thanks in advance. And we’ll keep awarding the amazing TPM Privatize This! T-Shirts to every fiftieth contributor. Number 1300 isn’t that far away!

Just so everyone knows, your privacy means a great deal to us. So rest assured that while we’re eager to show our appreciation we would never publicize anyone’s name without their explicit permission. The two anonymous contributors above we haven’t yet heard back from. So if and when we do, and if they choose to go public, we’ll bring you their names too.

Actually, one other thing. One winner said thank you, but he didn’t need a t-shirt. And another was beside himself with joy, but said his fiancee would probably fight him for the prized TPM t-shirt. So we’ve made the executive decision to transfer that unclaimed t-shirt over to the enfianced couple to make sure the prize doesn’t lead to any relationship difficulties.

Now, with all this razzle-dazzle about our fundraiser, over the course of today we’re going to be bringing you more details about And we’ll start in our next post with details about the new national security and foreign policy blog at TPMCafe.