As noted a bit


As noted a bit earlier, a bunch of you would love to send food and drinks to these students filibustering Frist. And I’ve actually got numbers of several places who can deliver to them. But let’s hold on a second so that this can be coordinated. Otherwise, they’re just going to end up with 50 pizzas in front of their stand in the next hour. And despite the great college student capacity to consume pizza, a lot of it will still go bad. I’m trying to figure out a way this can be done to keep these kids swimming in party food as they continue their filibustering. So I’ll be updating you shortly.

Late Update: While you’re waiting, here are pictures of Rep. Rush Holt filibustering Frist (reading from Aesop’s Fables, we’re told) earlier today. By the end of this filibuster Aesop himself may even stop by.