As Ive been hyping


As I’ve been hyping TPMCafe in recent weeks, I’ve had readers sometimes ask if TPMCafe were replacing TPM or whether TPM is — I almost shudder to use the phrase — being phased out.

(And just in case you don’t notice that big TPMCafe graphic right there, by all means forget about reading the rest of this post and head over to TPMCafe right now!)

In a word, no. In two words, absolutely not. The sites are and will remain separate. The relationship between the two is obvious, certainly. But TPM will always be where I blog. I’ll also be a participant in The Coffee House, the main group blog at TPMCafe. But nothing here should change.

Many of you have noticed or pointed out that the pace of posts here has been somewhat paltry of late. But that’s just because a lot of work went into building the thing and various planning and so forth.

And as long as I’m on the subject, when I say ‘build’, hopefully it goes without saying that I only built this site in the very general sense of participating in building it and setting the process in motion. There are five other people whose names I’d particularly like to mention.

First, my wife, Millet, who in addition to being a wonderful wife and the love of my life, has been involved in every step of this project and whose help has been invaluable.

Second, our good friend Kate Cambor. On an interim basis, she’s been doing a lot of the work the associate editor of the new site will do when I finally hire one, which should be in the pretty near future. And in addition to doing all sorts of invaluable work, her assistance has gone a long way to preserving my sanity, such as it is, over the last few weeks.

Next, Matt Ipcar did great graphic design work, which I couldn’t be more pleased with, on the site. He designed our new TPMCafe logo, which you see there up at the top of the site.

And finally, two people who in a nuts-and-bolts sense are the two who actually ‘built’ most of the site, Colin Hill and James Bennett.

To each of them, a very, very sincere thanks.

So I just wanted to clear up any confusion on the first point and thank these people on the other. Now, head on over to TPMCafe and I’ll try to get cracking on some more posts here.