Martin Shram has an


Martin Shram has an Oped in Newsday today (“Nixon’s Henchman Lecture Us on Ethics”), which pulls together in one nice bundle the festival of self-inflicted media bamboozlement that was last Tuesday, when the various Watergate crooks got together to give us all a lesson on ethics and tell us why Mark Felt was the lowest of the low.

Here’s one delicious <$NoAd$> graf …

“I was shocked because I worked with him closely,” Colson said on MSNBC. “And you would think the deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you could talk to with the same confidence you could talk to a priest.” Then on CNN: “I was shocked, because … I talked to him often and trusted him with very sensitive materials. So did the president. To think that he was out going around in back alleys at night looking for flowerpots, passing information to someone, it’s . . . not the image of the professional FBI that you would expect.”

This is a good one. Take a look.