Theres a pretty funny


There’s a pretty funny ad running today at Here’s a short snippet about it from <$NoAd$>CongressDaily …


Stark Runs Satirical Home-Sale Ad In Shot At Cunningham

Rep. Fortney (Pete) Stark, D-Calif., has bought ads on the Web sites of the National Journal Group’s CongressDaily and Hotline, targeting Rep. Randy (Duke) Cunningham, R-Calif., for his home sale to contractor Mitchell Wade, the head of MZM, Inc. “It is ridiculous that the House is still without a working Ethics Committee that can investigate abuses of power,” Stark said today. “I took out the ad to highlight that need. Plus, I have found that using humor to prove a point seems to especially get under the skin of the majority party.” The $500 ad buy was paid personally by Stark and does not name Cunningham directly. It is a mock real estate ad for Stark’s own home whose headline reads: “Attention Powerful Lobbyists! House for Sale by Influential Member of Congress.” The ad continues, “From recent practices by defense contractor lobbyists, it appears that you may be able to slip a cool million to a member of Congress with little fear of ethics violations!”

Here’s a picture of the ad.