Congressman Issa R floats


Congressman Issa (R) floats a trial balloon version of the Duke’s defense?

From the North County Times

The North County Times did speak with U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, during a break between votes Monday. Issa defended his Republican colleague and said Cunningham is an honest man. In his opinion, Issa said, the real story is how the real estate agent who suggested the $1.675 million sales price of the home came up with those figures.

Issa also questioned why the man who runs a multimillion-dollar defense company paid higher than market value for the house without getting an independent appraisal, then sold it for below market value.

“Wade was either a fool (as a businessman) or a fool in how he tried to curry favor,” Issa said. “He accomplished what he wanted to accomplish, but that doesn’t mean Duke was in on it.”

He said that while he believes the matter should be looked into, and it will be, he believes too much in Cunningham’s integrity to think he would be capable of doing anything dishonest.

“Duke has one thing he prides himself on more than anything and that is his integrity,” Issa said. “His word is his bond.”

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