Even radio producers cant


Even radio producers can’t trust Bill Frist.

I was on the Al Franken Show today. And just as we were coming back from a break we got the news that Bill Frist had announced he’d seek no more votes on John Bolton’s nomination. Then just as we were coming back on the air (maybe a minute later? 90 seconds?), the show’s producer hollers out that Frist has already gone back on his pronouncement. Now Frist says the White House has said the president wants another vote. And when the president says, “Jump!”, Bill Frist says, “How high?”

It now seems time to ask a few questions.

A) Who is the last Senate Majority Leader to have as bad a six months as Bill Frist has just had?

B) Has Frist’s utter fealty to every direction of the White House now become an embarrassment even to members of his own caucus? Just out of some sense of residual institutional prerogative?

C) What does it say about Bush/Rove’s opinion of Frist that they are now happy to humiliate him publicly on something close to a weekly basis.