Youll remember that during


You’ll remember that during SpongeBob’s time of need, the United Church of Christ was there to stand with him in the face of attacks from the likes of radical cleric James Dobson (actually, Dobson isn’t even a cleric, but what I guess you’d call a lay extremist).

They were also the ones who tried to run an ad celebrating their church’s message of outreach and inclusion of gays and lesbians only to have NBC and CBS reject it because such a position is, by their lights, too controversial.

In any case, they’re having their General Synod this weekend. And they’ve even got a blog set up to provide some play-by-play.

Okay, I guess ‘play-by-play’ may be a bit of a sacrilegious way to describe it. But, you get the idea.

Stop by.

Late Update: Here’s a good post about how ABC justified running an ad by Dobson’s Focus on the Family after rejecting the UCC’s ad. And here’s another on the UCC president’s endorsement of a resolution backing gay marriage.