I didnt take that


I didn’t take that dreadful MZM money, did I?

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports today that Katherine Harris (R-Money) has offered to return the money that earlier reports suggest may have been coerced from MZM employees. This follows another story in the competitor paper, the Sun-Herald, which earlier reported Harris’s place high atop the MZM love-list.

Now, the funny thing is, when you read into the Herald-Tribune piece you see that the emphasis is very much on the word ‘offer’. From what I can tell from the article, Harris has now sent letters to each ‘contributor’, offering to refund their money.

So I guess all these folks have to do is admit their involvement (even as a victim) in what I take it would be a felony and they can have their two or four grand back.

I bet she’ll have a lot of takers.