Unsettling news out of


Unsettling news out of Rhode Island. Chafee back on top in Senate trial heat. (Note to DSCC: if you can’t land this one … Who didn’t put the squeeze on Langevin?)

Late Update: A Reader tells me that Chafee has always led Whitehouse and Brown, the two remaining Dems in the race. Thus, it’s wrong for me to say he’s “back on top”. Maybe. The other way to put it would be to say that with Langevin out of the race, Chafee is now leading everyone in the Dem field. True, his numbers still aren’t great. Only 41% to 36% over state AG Sheldon Whitehouse. But it all comes down to the same point: Langevin’s getting out of the race was a disaster. Who didn’t make sure he stayed in?