You too can be


You too can be part of the rough and tumble with the GOP slime and spin machine!

On show after show this week, Republican bamboozlers like Newt Gingrich, Ken Mehlman and others are going on the air and spouting the most ridiculous lies. But in most cases their talking head interlocutors don’t call them on it. One example among many is the GOP claim that Wilson lied when he claimed Cheney had either sent him to Africa or ‘authorized’ his trip. Of course, as we noted below, Wilson never said any such thing. It’s just one more made up story.

Katie Couric this morning on Today is one. Chris Matthews is another.

But we need your help to put together our rogues’ gallery of the GOP’s willing-self-bamboozlers in corps. Really, this is important and there’s no other way to keep track of all the waves of mendacity that will be crashing over the nation’s tv sets today.

Watch the shows; watch the lies; write down which talking heads let them stand or join in the orgy of bamboozlement themselves; then send them in to us. TPM Shirts for the best catches!