Sen. Norm Coleman R-WH


Sen. Norm Coleman (R-WH) speaks out!

“My Democratic friends would be doing the nation a great service if they spent half as much time getting legislation passed that will benefit the country as they do in attacking Karl Rove. When you’re out of ideas and lack vision, you are left with nothing but personal attacks and negativity. We have enough to do in the Senate in minding our own business than to be sticking our noses into someone else’s business. Everyone needs to cool the rhetoric, focus on the business of the people, and allow the investigation to run its course.”

Late Update: This clip from an April 2005 article in The Forward suggests Norm Coleman knows who his daddy is …”In 2001, Rove disrupted Pawlenty’s plans to run for the Senate against the late Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone. Rove was backing Norm Coleman, who was elected in 2002, and Pawlenty ran for governor instead.”

Even Later Update: Another golden oldie from Sen. Coleman (R-WH), this one from October 1st, 2003: “What we’re hearing is a little rank political hypocrisy when it comes to claims about a special prosecutor, and I also want to note, the president of the United States has been very, very, very clear. If someone in his administration leaked information or did something that is illegal, they will be held accountable.”