House Voting Machine Snafu


House Voting Machine Snafu update.

As I noted earlier, Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC) put out a statement today claiming that he’d voted “NO” on CAFTA only to have the House Clerk’s office make an error which led to his vote not being counted. In his statement, Taylor noted that he’d voted with fellow North Carolina Rep. Howard Coble. And we spoke to Coble at length about this this afternoon.

But Taylor also said: “The Clerk’s computer logs verified that I had attempted to vote, but it did not show my ‘nay’.”

I’ve been trying since late afternoon to get confirmation of this from the House Clerk’s office; and I’ve been told by staffers that Deputy Clerk Gerry Vans is the only person in a position to comment. But I’ve so far failed to get any response.