Drudge says Mike Allen


Drudge says Mike Allen of the Post has accepted a job covering the White House for Time.

If true, it’s a huge loss for the Post. The daily political press is filled with more than a few time-servers and many more who have difficulty seeing beyond the narrow minutiae of what they’re covering or the iron chains of conventional wisdom. But Allen is consistently good, day in and day out, in most all the ways I can think of to judge a political reporter.

I fear though that this isn’t just a loss for the Post but also a loss for me and everyone else who counts on good political reporting. I know I’ll hear from my friends at the news weeklies about this. But it’s not clear to me that the sort of daily and detailed coverage of the big political stories of the day — that he excels at — can be duplicated in the very different, and sometimes sanded-down, big-picturish format of the weekly news magazine.