This passage comes at


This passage comes at the end of Mike Isikoff’s piece on who will have authority over the Fitzgerald investigation now that Deputy Attorney General James Comey has left for the private sector …

Fitzgerald recently called White House aide Karl Rove’s secretary and his former top aide to testify before the grand jury. They were asked why there was no record of a phone call from Time reporter Matt Cooper, with whom Rove discussed the CIA agent, says a source close to Rove who requested anonymity because the FBI asked participants not to comment. The source says the call went through the White House switchboard, not directly to Rove.

My understanding is that <$Ad$> this issue is becoming a key one for whatever it is that Fitzgerald is trying to prove. But is this credible? Do White House phone logs not get kept just because they come in through the White House switchboard? I’ve never worked there of course. But that seems hard to believe. There’s really little point in keeping logs unless they are at least fairly comprehensive — you look back and you know who you did talk to, when, and who you didn’t. And lots of calls must come in through the switchboard.

So this is a question to various friends and sometime sources who’ve worked this White House and others. Does this switchboard call story make sense to you?