The Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal oped page — the folks who brought you ‘Karl Rove, Whistleblower’ — have unearthed the evidence of liberal bias in Bob Novak’s on-air meltdown last week. Only Novak was sent to the penalty box, not Carville! And after all, Carville provoked him, right?

Actually, what’s interesting here is that even if Novak was trying to re-prove himself as a tough guy in the eyes of the Journal hyenas, they seem to have gotten the message that he’s not able to defend himself.

In any case, one other thing jumped out at me about the Journal’s quick-and-dirty piece. Writes the Journal: “But far from “watching” Mr. Novak, we’ve defended him while the rest of the press corps has assailed him for doing his job and breaking the news about Valerie Plame’s role in getting her husband Joe Wilson a job as a CIA consultant.”

Now, I grant you that keeping tabs on all the falsehoods on the Journal oped page would amount to a Sisyphean task. But here we seem to have a bonus falsehood wrapped into the larger campaign of falsehood. “A job as a CIA consultant.” Did Wilson ever have a job as a CIA consultant? I think that implies being paid. Whatever else one can say about the man, his trip to Niger or anything else, I believe there is an uncontested and never questioned record that the man was never paid anything but the expenses of the trip.

This is simply another intentional inaccuracy meant to support the larger inaccuracy that the fact-finding trip was a boondogle put together by his wife.

Lies beget lies and yet more lies. And eventually you have a whole oped page.