Just another thread of


Just another thread of the Abramoff story, <$NoAd$> from the Miami Herald, April 26th, 2005 …

In 2000, [Gus] Boulis sold [casino boat company] SunCruz to a partnership of Washington-based businessmen, including Jack Abramoff, the now infamous lobbyist who was surreptitiously funneling Indian casino millions to key congressmen, including the supposedly anti-gambling Republican leader, U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay. A congressional inquiry revealed that Abramoff, then vice chairman of SunCruz, used SunCruz casino money to bring staffers of key Republican congressional leaders to the 2001 Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, Boulis claimed that Abramoff and Adam Kidan had shorted him $23 million. There were reports of fisticuffs between Boulis and Kidan. Kidan took out a restraining order to keep Boulis away.

The restraining order became moot on Feb. 6, 2001, when Boulis was gunned down in a mob-style hit. The murder was never solved.

SunCruz, meanwhile, foundered into bankruptcy. Abramoff sued Kidan for the $60 million he claimed the deal cost him.

Kidan, if I’m not mistaken, turns out to be one of the Abramoff ‘associates’ who for one reason or another dropped five grand on Sen. Burns leadership PAC a few years back, though I guess that was before Jack sued the guy for 60 mill …

(ed.note: We’re discussing the Burns-Abramoff link in this thread.)