Weve been following these


We’ve been following these reports of a growing number of restrictions on the press down in the disaster zone. And one of the reports that got this ball rolling was this one from yesterday from Bob Brigham, in which he wrote: “We are in Jefferson Parish, just outside of New Orleans. At the National Guard checkpoint, they are under orders to turn away all media. All of the reporters are turning they’re TV trucks around.”

I talked to Bob a few minutes ago. And he said that there seemed to be a sea change in the treatment of reporters trying to get access to the city from yesterday to today. Today he reported that he and his colleagues were able to get through without any problem.

Something seems to have changed. And I would not be surprised if Brian Williams speaking out yesterday had something to do with it.

I’d be curious to know what may have happened behind the scenes over the last thirty-six hours. And I suspect it wasn’t nothing.