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Become part of our timeline project!

We’ve just updated our TPM Hurricane Katrina Timeline, working mainly from a thick stack of emails we received from readers, then confirmed and posted. You can see where we are at that link above.

Now, we need your assistance with our second round of updating. And let me try to be clear about just what we’re looking for.

We’re putting a heavy emphasis on chronology. We’re trying to compile a record of just when particular events happened — as in specific times on given days. So for instance you’ll see under August 26, our final item is Gov. Blanco’s declaration of a state of emergency; under August 27, we have Gov. Barbour declaration of a state of emergency in his state. But just when did those declarations happen on each day. As nearly as the time can be ascertained we want to know. So if you have details, confirmed by links to press or government websites, let us know and we’ll update.

Other examples: when were the holes ripped in the Superdome on August 29th? When on Thursday September 1st did Mayor Nagin issue his “desperate SOS”?

Go down on our list and see events we don’t have times for and see if you can find them. If we can’t find the exact time, then the time it was first reported is a good second best.

And of course, more facts. We’ve got a decent list together now. But on the critical days from Sunday through Wednesday lots of government orders went out, lots of people were put in motion, press conferences were held. Look over our list, find other key points we haven’t included and let us know about them — as always, we’re looking for specific facts, with links to back up the fact asserted.