Im not quite sure


I’m not quite sure what to make of this. But it seems worth keeping an eye on.

As we discussed a couple days ago, FEMA hired Kenyon Worldwide Disaster Management to handle the recovery and disposition of the bodies of the victims of Katrina. But they were apparently getting ready to pack up and leave the state because FEMA — having hired them a few days ago — had failed to finalize their contract.

“From what I understand, Kenyon had some questions about the contract,” FEMA spokesman David Passey.

And now Blanco has stepped in and signed a contract with Kenyon on behalf of the state of Louisiana so that the retrieval of the dead will be delayed no longer.

Every politician who’s crossed paths with Katrina is on a tightrope. They’ll either be wounded beyond repair or just possibly they’ll have their careers made. So I don’t discount the possibility that Blanco is grandstanding here or mischaracterizing the situation.

But what happened exactly? Did FEMA bring them in and then dawdle?