Notice a problemRoll Call


Notice a problem?

Roll Call (sub. req.) has just posted a piece on its website with the headline: “House OKs Bipartisan Katrina Review Panel”.

That’s followed by these three paragraphs …

On a near party-line vote, the House approved legislation Thursday creating a select committee to investigate the preparation for Hurricane Katrina and subsequent response effort.

House lawmakers passed the bill, 224-188, easily defeating Democratic opposition to the proposal, which would create a majority-led 20-seat panel charged with investigating the events surrounding the Category Five storm that decimated much of the Gulf Coast.

During Thursday’s debate on the House floor, Democrats reiterated their objections to the panel’s composition —which would include 11 Republicans and nine Democrats, as well as Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as ex officio members — asserting it will not be able to conduct an effective investigation.

Okay, so it passed on a near <$Ad$> party-line vote. It has a majority of Republican members. And it will be controlled by the Republicans. But it’s the ‘Bipartisan Katrina Review Panel’.

You’ve really gotta wonder who has what picture of what headline writer sharing a special moment with a beloved farm animal to pull this one off.

Here’s something to try. Someone find me a clip where a reporter refers to the bipartisan House Ways and Means committee. Or how about, the bipartisan House Rules committee.

Find many examples?

No one calls a committee, special or otherwise, bipartisan just because it has members of both parties among its members. Can we find other examples of publications who’ve fallen for this one?