You know that the


You know that the House Republican leadership has created a House Select Committee on Hurricane Katrina, and that the Democrats, wisely, declined to participate since it’s controlled by the Republican leadership and thus highly unlikely to be anything but an exercise in White House damage control.

Now it turns out that on Tuesday at 10:00 AM they are going to have Brownie himself under oath at the Rayburn Building.

We’re obviously way past the point where any Republicans are defending Brown. Indeed, he’s now the designated fall-guy for the whole sorry mess. So, figure the questions will either be off-point or, when critical, critical in such a way as to focus blame for mishaps uniquely on him rather than on an administration which cared so little about disaster preparedness as to appoint him.

But I thought it would be an interesting exercise to come up a list of questions that might be asked if the House committee weren’t in fact a sham. Call it a counter-factual, questions produced for an alternative reality in which there was actually congressional oversight.

I know it will be tempting to ask questions of the ‘Mr. Brown, why hasn’t God struck you down with a thunderbolt yet?’. But I’m thinking more of questions which might elicit significant new facts. We’ve set up a thread over at TPMCafe to discuss this. So think detail and specifics. What questions would you ask Brownie under oath if you had the chance?