Yes as you can


Yes, as you can see, we’ve redesigned Talking Points Memo.

The site is just shy of five years old. And depending on how you want to count them, this is either the third or fourth major redesign of the site. (If you’ve got an appetite for TPM trivia, here’s what the site looked like when it started five years ago.)

Why did we do this redesign?

A whole slew of reasons. But most of them boil down to one reason: we needed more real estate on the page. Some of the things we’re going to do we’ll only be rolling out over time. But others we’ve already done. For instance, we’ve wanted to incorporate more of what’s going on over at TPMCafe at the site. And, as you can see, we’ve now done that over there on the far-right sidebar, with links to the most recent posts. We also need room for ads, for features like a simpler to use and easier to find search function, and various other stuff. As we’ve grown, and tried to incorporate this new stuff, things just got more and more scrunched in the relatively narrow width of the site. At a certain point, it made no sense since there was so much space we weren’t using.

We’ve tried to keep to some of the basic color scheme and, I hope, the relative simplicity of the design.

We’re also busy at work on a redesign of TPMCafe, which we’ll be debuting in the not-too-distant future. And we have other new projects we’re working on as well — one of which is to hire a full-time blogger-reporter who will expand on our coverage of the events of the day.