TPM Reader BB is


TPM Reader BB is confused …

I confess to be completely bewildered with the ability of this administration to make statements that clearly contradict their actions without being completely laughed off the American and world stage.

Bush says we do not torture, that the scandal at Abu Graib was just a few bad apples, and doesn’t even respond to the many other instances of prisoner abuse (including death) — BUT he WILL veto a bill that bans torture of prisoners. We read articles about one and then articles about the other but most of the time only the columnists are there pointing out the transparent duplicty of it all. Why are elected Dems so silent? Why did it take McCain to make this an issue?

Bush can say these things with a straight face because that’s the kind of guy he is, and the right-wing scream machine will back him in this because that’s who they are — but how the heck does the MSM reduce this complete nonsense to he-said/she-said when it’s really a case of pathological deceit?

Good question.