With Cheney coming out


With Cheney coming out tonight to preach more falsehoods to the 30+ percent of the population still willing to listen, let’s remember that this is the established, all-too-familiar strategy.

How do you go after a decorated war veteran running against a quasi-draft-dodger? Hit him hard for cowardice and disloyalty to country.

How do you knock out a respected juvenile court judge? Spread rumors that he’s a pedophile.

You can see pretty clearly that Karl Rove is back in the saddle because what we’re seeing now is straight from the Karl Rove play book. You throw them off balance by charging directly into their line of fire.

When the veil is finally being lifted on your history of lies, hit hard against the other side for ‘rewriting history’ or trying to deceive the public.

According to Drudge, a knock line from Cheney’s speech this evening has him saying, “yet in Washington you can ordinarily rely on some basic measure of truthfulness and good faith in the conduct of political debate. But in the last several weeks we have seen a wild departure from that tradition.”

The up-is-downism is truly bracing — hilarious or outrageous depending on your mood. And you can feel the belligerence and instinctual reliance on blunt force in all things that allows Cheney to say such things with a straight face or any hint of fear that sensible will see him digging himself still deeper.

All there is to do is just keep cataloging this man’s history of lies and attempted cons. That’s all that’s necessary. They can’t hide. But don’t forget that this latest gambit is only the first flash of what we’ll see from this crew as they swing over the downward arc of Fortune’s wheel.