There are so many


There are so many complicated details of what is happening today in Iraq, as various factions and sectarian groupings vie for position in the aftermath of this month’s national election. But one clear and bright spot does stand out — the utter and seemingly limitless humiliation of Ahmad Chalabi.

Last week we noted Chalabi’s feebler-than-feeble election results, which showed him coming in well under 1% of the national vote and facing a complete shut-out from the new national assembly.

Apparently, though, Chalabi was hoping for something of a rebound from ballots cast by Iraqis living overseas.

Seems that didn’t pan out, though.

The Washington Post reports that preliminary results of the “special vote” — which includes Iraqis living abraod, in hospitals, the army and in prisons — showed Chalabi bagged a mere 0.89 percent of the vote.

The Post also notes that without seat in the Assembly, Chalabi would presumably also not be able to join the government, thus perhaps limiting at least to some degree his ability to preen, pose and posture in the western press.