Have you seen this


Have you seen this headline?

Key presidential advisor used non-profit to launder Abramoff money.

You probably haven’t. But it’s a key part of the Abramoff story. And really just the beginning. The individual facts are all out there, sure. Grover Norquist is one of the two or three top Republican political operatives in Republican Washington. He’s a close advisor to President Bush. Among other things he used his organization, Americans for Tax Reform, as a pass-through to hide the fact that Ralph Reed was getting his money for ‘anti-gambling’ activism from Washington’s top Indian casino lobbyist.

I don’t know about the law of non-profits and 501c3s. But that’s got to be an abuse of some sort.

On front after front these scandals go right into the White House. A top official at the OMB arrested? The Deputy Secretary of the Interior Department under criminal investigation? Abramoff’s former chief assistant a top White House aide?

Why the unwillingness to pursue this?