Theyre some of those


They’re some of those basic questions young children learn to ask in civics class. Who represents me in Congress? And when do they go on trial?

Yes, it’s just a sign of the times. But these are the questions one wants to know the answer to. So today we’re rolling out a new feature, the TPM Grand Ole Docket.

The number of individuals reportedly under investigation in the Abramoff and other public corruption scandals is getting pretty large. But this isn’t a list of just anyone who’s been tagged in a news report. We’re being a good deal more strict.

We’re including 1) people who have pled guilty to federal corruption or corruption related charges, 2) those who have been indicted for such charges and 3) those who have been identified as unindicted cocospirators in public legal filings. By our count there 21 such people. Certainly more to follow. But 21 so far.

These are, in other words, all the folks in the Capitol Hill corruption mess who prosecutors have publicly identified as participants in criminal activity.

As usual, we’ll be updating the Docket as the story unfolds. And we’ll be relying on you to send us updates, corrections or additions as you find them.