Another edition of Great


Another edition of, Great Moments in Wingnut Forbearance.

The Times tomorrow has an article about a controversy that has erupted over a movie called “End of the Spear.” It was made by Every Tribe Entertainment, an evangelical film company. But it stars an out gay actor, Chad Allen, in the lead role.

One fellow speaking out on the controversy is Kevin T. Bauder, president of Central Baptist Seminary in Minneapolis. On his blog he said: “Granted, we must not overreact. And it would probably be an overreaction to firebomb these men’s houses. But what they have done is no mistake. It is a calculated strategy.”

Usually, it’s a cheap shot for a reporter to troll around the web to find something some whack-job has written on a blog and present it as somehow representative of a particular point of view. But this guy is the president of a seminary.

I’m just glad these guys aren’t wallowing in fantasies of revanchist violence and theocratic domination.

Phew …