Here is a perfectly


Here is a perfectly nauseating article in the Times about how Democrats are apparently not taking full advantage of GOP woes, are generally sad, haven’t come up with a plan, aren’t crazy about their leaders, are afraid the Republicans are going to do this or that to hurt them, and apparently a bunch of other stuff too.

If what the article reports is true, the Democrats haven’t even won back the majority in either house of Congress yet.

The article itself reads like a pretty lazy piece of journalism.

But the people quoted, the mindset, the navel-gazing and sad-sac carping. Truly, just shut up.

My point isn’t that dirty laundry shouldn’t be aired. But the mindset of chatter and enervating insiderism is not the solution to the problem: it is the problem.

There is hardly a shortage of things wrong with the current direction of the country. Explain what they are, propose alternatives, advocate for them and hit the campaign trail. Everything else is a distraction and a waste.

Be an opposition party, oppose what deserves opposing, leave the verdict to the voters. And mainly just grow up.