Let me try an


Let me try an idea out on you. What if Brent Wilkes is too big to go down?

Wilkes, you remember, is the less-noted but more central contracting crook in the Duke Cunningham scandal. Mitch Wade gets more attention (flashier bribes will do that). But Wade was Wilkes’ protege.

Now, whatever else Wilkes was, he was deep into all sorts of highly classified CIA and other intel agency programs — and don’t be surprised if not just as a ‘contractor’. There are even telling signs he may have been involved in some of the administration’s more creative domestic intelligence activities.

If he’s indicted, what might he threaten to reveal? More prosaically, what might his lawyer say he needs to bring into open court in order to be able to defend himself?

Just something to consider as we keep waiting to see if and when the feds get around to Mr. Wilkes.