A question to consider.


A question to consider. Duke Cunningham is in the federal prison system. Last I heard he was in a federal processing center in Oklahoma. Mitch Wade has pled to various felonies and is awaiting sentencing. There are three other Cunningham conspirators listed in Duke’s plea — Brent Wilkes, Tommy Kontogiannis and Kontogiannia’s nephew.

Now, normally, when indictments take a long time to come down, I figure it’s just that the prosecutors don’t feel they’re in a hurry and are taking their time to put together the most rock-solid case they can.

But maybe not.

What’s the state of the Wilkes investigation? And what about Kontogiannis? He’s a major NY real estate developer tied to one of the biggest congressional bribery scandals ever. Have you seen any follow-up reporting on that investigation? Anything in the Times or the Daily News? Is there even really an investigation?

I really don’t quite understand who Kontogiannis is in all this or just what his role was, though his background looks fairly spooky. But Wilkes is the real player at the heart of this scandal, not Wade.

There are real reasons to be suspicious that the CIA is applying pressure to limit the scope of this investigation or knock it down altogether.