This is fun. A


This is fun. A few weeks ago’s Paul Kiel broke the news that John McCain’s new ‘senior advisor’ Terry Nelson was in on the 2002 New Hampshire phone-jamming scandal.

Now, just published this New Hampshire Democratic party press release alerting folks to the fact that McCain’s going to New Hampshire tomorrow.

The state Dems want McCain to fire Nelson before he steps foot in the state.

But I’ve got a different take on this. I’m one of those people who always think we should see the opportunities in situation and not just focus on the negative. So, I’d say McCain should keep Nelson on staff and finally help us get the low-down on just how the phone-jamming episode went down. Who at the RNC knew about it? Who at the White House knew about it?

McCain said he would look into Nelson’s involvement a few weeks ago. So he must have the whole story.

While he’s at it he can ask Nelson about his role in the Tom DeLay money-laundering case too.

This way McCain can be a ‘reformer with results’ too.