This is pretty hilarious.


This is pretty hilarious. California’s 50th district is just getting over a dozen or so years of being represented by a crook, Duke Cunningham. And Republicans are apparently afraid Francine Busby, the lone Democrat in the race to replace him, could win the seat outright in the upcoming special election. So the NRCC, the GOP House committee, just dumped a heap of ad money into the race.

The best they could come up with apparently is that Busby got a $500 contributon for retired Sen. Dennis DeConcini. This from the Union-Tribune

It singles out a contribution from former Sen. Dennis DeConcini, an Arizona Democrat and one of the so-called Keating Five senators. He was politically tarnished by, but not disciplined for, his involvement with a failed savings and loan in the late 1980s. Though the ad doesn’t say so, DeConcini contributed $500 to Busby.

“If Francine Busby is making ethics a centerpiece of her campaign while taking campaign contributions from corrupt ex-members of Congress, she’s a hypocrite and voters have a right to know that,” said Jonathan Coleggio, press secretary for the Republican committee.

Wasn’t John McCain a member of the Keating Five too? Just wondering.

These guys are such liars it’s hard to figure how they can even see straight.

Remember, while he was waiting to be prison, Duke wrote a $2000 check to the NRCC. About a month before he copped his plea, he gave them $11,684. NRCC spokesman Carl Forti says they see no reason to give it back.

Duke gave more than half a million more to the NRCC. But that was before it was public knowledge that he was a felon. So I guess that doesn’t count.

I guess they’re using Duke’s money for the Busby bamboozlement ads.