You cant make this


You can’t make this stuff up.

You’ll remember how Sen. Roberts (R-KS), Chairman of the Intel committee, broke up the senate investigation into the Iraq intel debacle into two ‘phases’ and in so doing managed to push the report about President Bush’s role in the bamboozlement out past the 2004 election.

Apparently it worked so well the first time he’s going to try it again.

According the to The Hill, Chairman Roberts now wants to take the part of the investigation he split off to get it past the 2004 election and further split up the split off part in to two new pieces. That should help him get it all past the 2006 election.

Got that?

Again, in 2004 Roberts splits the investigation in two, pushing the investigation of the administration’s complicity out past 2004, in order to protect President Bush, who instructs Roberts on what to do. He’s been sitting on this ‘part two’ phase ever since.

Now he wants to break up part two into two new parts — that should provide enough delay to kick it out past 2007. (Actually, The Hill article is a bit unclear about whether Roberts is now proposing two chunks or three. But who’s counting. Remember how the Dems shut down the senate last fall and forced the Roberts to move ahead with phase two? Guess that didn’t pan out.)

And the kicker? Ranking Member Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) won’t oppose Roberts’ new gambit.

He’s been a patsy for Roberts for so long time I guess it’s hard to change.