Another TPM Reader with


Another TPM Reader with a semi-positive reaction to the Goldberg piece …


I, too, found his article less nuanced than his past work covering the Middle East. Perhaps he just needs more time to get up to speed.

However, there is truth to Goldberg’s essential thesis, especially about Hillary. Nobody is enthusiastic about Hillary running for president except the Clintons, her staff and crack-smoking New York Liberals. Everybody Democrat who can fog up a mirror knows that a Hillary candidacy would energize and unite a demoralized GOP and do the exact opposite for the Dems.

As I’m sure you know, it’s not easy to volunteer for a political candidate. You need to really believe in him/her in order to donate your precious time and do grunt work like going door-to-door or cold-calling registered voters. This article and others like it should serve as a warning for Hillary, Al and other hard-core Liberals like Russ Feingold: You’re going to have a very difficult time drumming up enthusiasm in middle America. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hillary’s campaign imploded in the mid-West because true enthusiasm for her is so low that her network of volunteers could break down.


At least on the point of the Hillary candidacy, no arguments from me. It’s always struck me as a totally crazy idea.