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Josh —

You raise an interesting question. Perhaps it would be instructive to look at what the DSCC is doing with respect to Bernie Sanders, who will caucus with the Democrats if elected, but may not technically be the Democratic
Party nominee (I believe he has always sought office as an independent). If the DSCC can provide support to someone who hasn’t been nominated by the Democratic Party, then why shouldn’t they be able to remain neutral in a contest between between two candidates, either of whom will caucus with the Democrats if elected.

David in New York

Interesting point. Is the DSCC supporting Bernie Sanders in any way? I’m really not sure. If they can, I would hope they would be. There’s no Democrat running as far as I know. And presumably he’d caucus with the Dems in the Senate as he has with the Dems in the House.

Late Update: About half the emails I’ve gotten in response to this post have construed it to mean that the fact that the DSCC might be supporting Bernie Sanders somehow settles it that Schumer can also support a party-defecting Lieberman. Don’t overread.