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TPM Reader DT on Kondracke

Does Kondracke know who Steve Laffey [currently challenging Sen. Chafee] is? Or Pat Toomey [who challenged Sen. Specter]? Or is it only sign of “hatred politics” when Lieberman is the focus? What is hateful or radical about Ned Lamont? How come the internet radicals are okay with anti-choice Harry Reid? How come the more conservative Dem senators like Baucus and Dorgan are not under assault by the allegedly radical internet mafia? Does Kondracke even bother to ask these questions, or shall I assume that truth isn’t the point?

I think that there’s something of a difference with Baucus and Dorgan. They come from red states. But there is this odd indifference to the fact that Republicans pretty routinely draw primary challengers pretty much just like Lieberman is this time. But that doesn’t seem to phase anyone. Right now in Rhode Island you can make a decent argument that the last remaining moderate Republican senator is being primaried from the right. But nothing. That doesn’t seem to faze anybody.