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TPM Reader FC pipes in …

I’m not too macho to admit that I actually wept with pride when Joe Lieberman took the podium at the 2000 Dem convention. Today, I consider myself among the “sorely disappointed’ who would be glad to see Sen. Lieberman replaced by Ned Lamont.

Replaced, of course, is the operative word. Many Joe-pologists keep pushing the spin that it hurts Democrats to compete among themselves in a blue state primary, and that challenging Liebeman risks giving a safe Senate seat to the GOP (TPM reader JC even took a wild swing by comparing it to 1968!).

The truth is that this is a super-safe Democratic seat in one of the most reliably pro-Democratic, anti-Bush states. It’s not as though Barbara Steisand is self-financing a challenge to Ben Nelson in Nebraska. The winner of the Democratic primary will be the next Senator from Connecticut, period. The question is whether that Democrat will be Joe Lieberman or Ned Lamont.

Unless of course, Joe Liberman loses the primary and runs as an Independent…