Let me tell you


Let me tell you about a new site we’ve launched to cover the 2006 election campaign, TPM’s Election Central.

It’s hosted over at TPMCafe.

Our goal is provide running news, updates and commentary on every competitive race in the country — and even some that aren’t so competitive perhaps, but still worthy of attention. Below the first post, you’ll see our poll tracker, with every campaign 2006 poll released in the previous 48 hours.

The site is edited by Greg Sargent (who you probably know from New York Magazine, the American Prospect, his Horse’s Mouth blog and other publications) and written by Greg, our TPM staff and our crack team of TPM interns.

Our goal is to have some new development, nugget or scoop from the campaign trail every time you return.

To make it every thing we want to make it, we need your help. If you know of a poll that just broke that we don’t have, send us an email. And tell us what’s going on in your district and state. We troll Google and follow all the politics sheets. But what makes us able to drill down and find stories that more conventional news outlets either can’t or won’t is your email, your tips and updates.

You read the papers and see the television coverage of the races in your area, go to the townhalls, get the flyers. So you’re going to know first when the revealing statement gets made, when the key development happens. None of our coverage on Social Security last year would have been possible without readers keeping us posted on how the story was developing at the district level. So we’re asking for your help again.

If you’ve got a tip or an update or just want to let us know about an angle we’re missing, shoot us an email at our regular comment email address up there at the upper right hand corner with the subject line “Election Central”. We’d love it if you’d be part of our project.

Thanks and let us know how we’re doing.