So Howard Dean is


So Howard Dean is catching flak for comparing Katherine Harris to Joseph Stalin. (Actually did you know that TPM is related to Stalin by marriage? Little known fact. Actually not even sure if it’s true. But it seemed to be from what I could tell. I’ll look into it again.) But somehow Harris, Stalin, I just don’t see it. Not that she hasn’t been involved in undermining democracy and perhaps, by elevating George W. Bush to the presidency, in some way indirectly responsible for casting the entire Middle East into the hell pot of oblivion. But somehow, Stalin, I just don’t see it. Maybe it’s the pockmarks.

But that doesn’t mean she might not have an analogue in other villains from the past. Just off the top of my head Felix Dzerzhinsky comes to mind. He was founder of the NKVD, forerunner of the KGB. He was known as something of a dandy. So I can see some crossover and affinity there with Harris.

But you tell me. If not Stalin, which historical villain seems a more logical historical soulmate to Katherine Harris?