Its weird. I have


It’s weird. I have some vague recollection that John Gibson was a local newscaster in LA when I was growing up. And that he was basically sane. What happened to him.

Late Update: TPM Reader LW commisserates with me about Gibson’s bizarro fall ….

I have often wondered the same thing. I remember Gibson during the 1990s, anchoring much of the OJ Simpson coverage, or appearing on Geraldo Rivera’s various shows. Gibson at tat time seemed entirely reasonable, soft-spoken, calm – even-handed in analysis.

I have been wondering for a very long time – during his rants about “The War Against Christmas,” his chilling comments about the need for “minority religions” in America to basically watch their step, his numerous O’Reilly & Savage-like rantings, whether this is indeed what he thinks about things, or whether it is an act to “get on the right side” (no pun intended) of his Fox audience.

Keith Oberman of MSNBC often talks about his “sadness” regarding Gibson (who he says was an ex-colleague of his) and his transformation now into someone who Oberman has often picked as his nightly “Worst Person in The World” on his MSBC show.