Is it just me


Is it just me or is it kind of weird that the front page of CNN’s website has been completely given over since last night to ‘hey i’m a tough guy’ self-portraits of the Montreal college gunman? So far, I think we’ve had one with him with a knife, one with a gun and now one with him holding up his fist with a Dr. Evil grimace on his face.

Late Update: As of 1:41 PM, welve got another picture of the guy, now with him pointing his knife directly into the camera. I think it’s a knife. But it’s pointed directly into the camera. So I guess there’s a small chance it’s just a metal handle. I think this is picture number 5 from Kimveer Gill’s home website.

Later Update
: New Kimveer Gill snuffshot at 2:12 PM. This one has Kimveer giving a heavy metal rock on sign with one hand and holding an automatic rifle in the other. Rock on!